Most business operating problems are process-caused, not people-caused. -- W. Edwards Deming


Improving business processes to outperform your competitors is an overarching goal for all continuous improvement initiatives.

There are many common tool sets for business process improvement. Their components tend to look similar; however, the many pieces involved (apparent complexity) need to be kept in context so process improvement work can be simple enough for application every day by almost everyone.

Organization structure for the XX Project improvement work...

  • Committed process ownership support
  • Individual implementers or team-based project, as needed
  • Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs), Kaizen ImpAct Events, etc.
  • Critical, Cross-Functional Process Team (CPT)

Project Tools

  • Business Process Model framework for process improvement
  • Value-Stream Mapping (VSM)
  • 80/20, Pareto
  • Process observations and time measurements
  • Work area layouts, spaghetti diagrams
  • About 20 others commonly used

Project Design Concepts Applied

  • Lean process design to eliminate wastes and optimize value-adds
  • Six Sigma statistical analysis to reduce hidden causes of variations
  • Supply-chain optimization of customer/supplier working relationships
  • All other acronym flavors for business performance improvement
  • Holistic business process model with support systems for process sustainment