A problem well stated is a problem half solved. -- Charles F. Kettering


Escape the Improvement Trap: Five Ingredients Missing in Most Improvement Recipes

By: Michael Bremer and Brian McKibben

This latest book explains why surveys indicate that most users of the common business process improvement tool sets (Lean, Six Sigma, Supply-Chain Management, et al) are disappointed that their competitive position has not changed significantly. And it shines a light on the business-performance improvement ingredients that are generally overlooked, and how to turn that around and use them as levers for predictable competitive advantage.

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Six Sigma Financial Tracking and Reporting: Measuring Project Performance and P & L Impact

By: Michael Bremer, Brian McKibben, Thomas McCarty

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Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook

By: Thomas McCarty, Lorraine Daniels, Michael Bremer, Praveen Gupta

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