A problem well stated is a problem half solved. -- Charles F. Kettering


We have established strategic relationships with a number of other organizations. The relationship and linkage are described below:

The Cumberland Group – Ohio

Our sister company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and has a similar product and services offering. They are listed on the Federal Government approved supplier list for team and process improvement activities.


Jean Cunningham Consulting — lean solutions for IT and accounting

Jean Cunningham's team has exceptional experience at applying Lean process concepts in office processes, and in leading IT implementations where automation of information processing is justified.


Pharmatech Associates — solutions for pharma, bio, and med devices industries

The Pharmatech team has exceptional strengths in statistical process analysis and controls to minimize process quality variations and resources wastes. And, they have systems integration capabilities to blend IT solutions with the man-machine processes that use them.


Skiba Consulting — green/sustainability practices

Skiba provides technical and coaching assistance to companies striving to follow Green / Sustainability concepts in their businesses. That means a holistic approach that results in lower operating costs, customer and community recognition for environmental ethics, and preparedness for global resources stresses ahead.