A problem well stated is a problem half solved. -- Charles F. Kettering


Association for Manufacturing Excellence

AME's Vision and Mission is to bring people together in order to inspire a commitment to enterprise excellence through shared learning and access to best practices. AME's annual conference is the premier 'lean' learning event that includes practitioner presentations, tours of outstanding organizations, and hands-on learning workshops. AME is at the forefront of incubating new manufacturing consortiums across North America.


HPC Chicago — business consortiums

HPC Chicago is a Cumberland subsidiary that manages HPC Network business consortium groups in Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.


University of Chicago

"Better Ways to Work: Innovative Tools for Organizational Excellence"
This course examines process improvement tools and metrics. You will learn to focus on the most important priorities for your organization and learn about a variety of improvement methods, including Six Sigma and Lean, at both enterprise and project team levels. After this class you will better understand the trade-off advantages and disadvantages of each method.


Compression Institute — 22nd century business thinking

Founded by Dr. Robert Hall, a thought-leader in business quality and productivity, the Compression Institute is recognizing the need to replace unsustainable 20th century 'expansion' thinking with the 'compression' thinking needed for long-term earth civilization — and business — survival.


Lean Accounting Summit — aligning accounting practitioners with lean principles

This group has an annual conference with more than 500 practitioners seeking to learn about lean accounting, moving beyond standard budgeting practices and integrating the financial function in business performance analysis using a lean perspective.



LeanCEO network is hosted by Kevin Meyer. This site was formerly known as Superfactory.com. It includes all sorts of links for Lean, Six Sigma, informative articles, and other performance improvement tools and techniques.


Logica3 — marketing and advertising services

Logica3 produces creative, savvy, well-designed materials and media for business clients reaching out to the marketplace. Their expertise covers large to small businesses in all industries.


Rainmakers — mid-market IT solutions providers

The Rainmakers consortium of companies includes a broad range of business services types as well as a core of IT solutions providers focused on mid-sized businesses.


Scanlon Leadership Network

The Scanlon Leadership Network is a non-profit association of organizations committed to the Scanlon EPIC Leadership Principles of Equity, Participation, Identity and Competence. Pioneers in Servant Leadership, Employee Involvement, Gainsharing, Open-Book Management, Lean/Six Sigma, and Corporate Culture Change, the Network is considered "the best-kept secret in business."